Airborne Mouse

Airborne Mouse is an Android application designed to work with the Logitech Touch Mouse Server. Letting you control your computer with your Android phone. Airborne Mouse is unique in that it allows users to install a single piece of software on their computer and control it with either an iPhone/iTouch/iPad or an Android phone.

How it works:

  1. Install the Logitech Touch Mouse Server on your Mac or Windows pc
  2. Install Airborne Mouseon your Android phone
    1. Press menu
    2. Touch settings
    3. Enter your computer’s IP address
      Ip address of your computer as shown by the Touch Mouse Server
  3. Install Touch Mouse on your iPhone/iTouch/iPad


  • Make sure your Android is connected to your home network via WiFi. Airborne mouse will not work unless it has a WiFi connection.
  • Press and hold a mouse button to stick it down. This will let you perform click and drag operations on your computer. Tap stuck buttons to release them.
  • Tap with 2 fingers to right click
  • Tap with 3 fingers to middle click (does not work with all phones)
  • Use move 2 fingers to scroll (1 finger to move mouse)


Things we have added

  • Auto discovery of computer (no longer having to manually set computer name)
  • Send keystrokes live
  • Add a reconnect button to the menu
  • Automatically reconnect when connection become available
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