How to use it:

  1. Close all Chrome windows
  2. Launch DrizzlyChrome.exe
  3. Click Hack My Flash!
  4. Browser to most recent (highest version) of chrome.
    1. DrizzlyChrome tries to help you out by pointing you in the right direction, but in the end you are on your own.
  5. Select gcswf32.dll from the chrome directory
  6. Done, go back to browsing!
  7. Please donate! (paypal)

Download DrizzlyChrome

If it does not work for you try running as administrator.


Click Hack My Flash!:


Browse to the chrome application directory (pick the highest version number):

Select gcswf32.dll:





Build 2-24-2011

*Improved search engine

*Added 10.2 support


Build 2-8-2011

 *Add logic so flash 10.2 is ignored as it does not need to be hacked. Adobe finally fixed the bug.


Build 2-2-2011

 *Removed run as admin requirement as chrome installs in user space

 Build 8-29-2010

 * DrizzlyChrome sees the light of day. Long live the fullscreen goodness.

 * Special thanks to Andrew Brampton for his work with 10.1 - http://bramp.net/blog/full-screen-hack-for-flash

 * Version


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