I have created a tool which makes hacking and unhacking a flash install incredibly easy.  It should work on most versions of flash, however I can offer no guarantees that it will work on versions that I have not tested on. (Note, after hacking flash the esc key is to be used to exit fullscreen mode for flash videos)

Special thanks to Andrew Brampton for his work with 10.1

Download FlashHacker

FlashHacker is distributed under the GPL version 2.0 license agreement.

Close all your browsers prior to running FlashHacker.

Steps to run:

  1. Close all browsers (enables flashhacker to edit flash)
  2. Run FlashHacker
  3. Click ‘Hack My Flash!’
  4. Go back to browsing
  5. Please donate! (paypal)

Flash hack Failed!

  • Using Chrome? Use DrizzlyChrome
  • install flash (Non-IE)

UPDATE 2/24/2011: Improved search engine
UPDATE 2/21/2011: Add support for 10.2, thanks to Dmytro Suvorov for determining existing patterns worked with 10.2
UPDATE 3/6/2010: Change log and old versions can be found at here
UPDATE 3/6/2010: New version adds support for installs of Windows which are not on C:
UPDATE 3/7/2010: Flash version 10.1 currently is not supported. (working on changing this)
UPDATE 4/7/2010: Support for Opera added.
UPDATE 6/16/2010: Support for Flash added. (Thanks Andrew Brampton)
UPDATE 6/24/2010: Multiple bug fixes, Unhack working again. 10.0 support also working again.
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