Why I will never buy another Western Digital hard disk

Why you may ask, what happened that cause Western Digital to fall from my graces so quickly? It is really quite simple, the first hard drive I bought from Western Digital was a My Book Premium 500GB, within a year of purchasing this drive it failed and I lost 400GB of data, it was still under warranty, and after a long and painful RMA process I got my new drive. Now a mere 1.5 years later that drive has catastrophically failed. If this is what Western Digital calls quality you can count me out.

When I increase the storage capacity of my NAS this year I will not be using a Western Digital drive. When I set up my Raid 5 SANS  next year I can assure you there will not be a single Western Digital drive used.

I am not sure what the Western Digital name stands for, but I am sure that it no longer stand for quality.

Your formerly loyal customer,


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