Why Microsoft will not be bouncing back


  • Copying the Macintosh Dock Menu to create the Windows 7 task bar. 
    • Seriously Microsoft!? If I wanted a Mac dock menu I would have bought a Mac! Mac’s dock menu looks far better and functional is pretty much the exact same as the “new” task bar Microsoft it bragging about.
  • Removing “live essentials” from the default install.
    • Yes it is true I wanted Microsoft to let me uninstall them, but that does not mean I don’t want them their to start with! The technical illiterate NEED a built in suite of tightly integrated programs that do most everything they need.
  • Integrating Live photos so tightly with Live.com.
    • Every 2 sec in Live Photo Gallery I am being prompted to log in to live.com so I can share my photos with others. Microsoft I do NOT want to log in, I just want to enjoy my photos on my machine and I do not want you having them on your servers!
  • People complained about Vista’s security being so tight, so to attempt to appease these users Windows swung to the other extreme and made it possible to bypass all the security enhancements in Vista with a simple script in Windows 7. Then when people complained about how easy it was to bypass and suggested a fix Microsoft said, Oh that is not a problem, we meant for it to work like that. After a week of badging from bloggers Microsoft finally reversed their stance and agreed to fix Windows 7 so the security setting could not be dropped to minimum with out Administrator privileges.
    • This is the type of behavior from Apple that used to drive me crazy, the how dare you accuse us of having bugs approach. Microsoft has always been good about accepting their flaws and working with them, but if Microsoft just wants to be the new Apple, why take the next 10 years to get there and just switch to a Mac today!
  • Bad marketing
    • What ever idiot decided puke greenish grey was a good color for the Windows 7 taskbar to be in the screenshots on Microsoft’s website should be fired!

The one saving grace about the windows platform is the .NET language that makes it wonderfully easy for developers to make high quality applications very quickly. But this is not a good enough reason for consumers to stick with the out of touch software giant.

Bottom line:

The future is in Linux machines, and Macintosh (because of the ease of porting applications from Linux to Mac and vise versa) and on its current path I doubt Microsoft will still hold a dominate market position in 15 years.



so this is how monopolies die…

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