iFade is a little program I made that fades Vista’s Aero coloring from one color to another. iFade is great for people who like to keep things fresh on their desktop. It does use a little bit of the cpu, however in a later version I will let user set slower transition speed.

Click here to download

iFade is distributed under the GPL version 2.0 license agreement.


How to run for 64bit Win7 or Vista:

  1. Extract all files in the x64 folder
  2. Click iFade.exe to run

How to run for 32Bit Vista

  1. Extract all files in the x86 folder
  2. Click iFade.exe to run

How to run for 32Bit Win7

Unfortunately Win7 32bit does not want to play nice with iFade.  If you are a developer and figure out why I would love to hear about it.


NOTE: if Windows slows down when iFade is running increase the “Delay Time” by right clicking on the system tray icon.  (I use delay times between 2000ms and 5000ms on my computer)


  • Transition speed can no be changed by right clicking on system tray icon and clicking “Change Delay Time”
  • Win7 support added. (64 bit only)
  • Placed under the GPL v2
  • Added about dialog
  • Misc other tweaks

Version: 0.3

  • Icon now appears in system tray
  • System tray icon can be used to exit iFade

Version: 0.2

  • Made app use current Aero color as initial color during the 1st fade
  • Updated dll to support getting current colorization

Version: 0.1

  • Added XML settings file to allow users to set fade speed
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