What Windows 7 Needs

By making programs install to the user’s profile by default any user could easily install programs they wish to use, but that the system admin does not want installed across the system.  Currently Microsoft has put a install only for me feature into their installers that many software developers use to distribute their programs, however in order to get this option it is necessary to have admin privileges since almost all installers run as admin (even if they don’t need to).  This places an undue burden on non-admin users who then have to go find an administrator to install the program for them. It also places a great burden on the admin users to know what the program is and if it is safe.  If the non-admin user could install software on their account without admin privileges this would simplify the non-admin user’s life by letting them user the software they want to use without bothering their admin. It would also allow admins to have a greater sense of security as a user can install a malicious program, but the effect of that program will be limited to their account, which is no different than what happens if a user runs a malicious exe.


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