Vista not bad?

There are several key reasons why Vista is better than XP:

  • There is no true admin when UAC is turned on.  Yes this mean you have to approve applications to run as admin but that also means malware can not take over your computer with out you saying “Yeah windows I really want that malware to ruine my computer”.  This is not the case with XP, in XP since everyone just ran as admin malware had free reign over your computer whenever it wanted (Don’t believe me? Search for switchblade on google. It is a wonderful little proof of concept that shows how one can launch program without the user explicity lauching them)
  • Vista preloads the applications you use most into memory, meaning these programs start up much faster.
  • Vista uses hardware to render the desktop.  If you have a video card why would you want your cpu rendering the desktop? XP really did not take advantage of your video card with regards to the desktop, Vista does.  What does this mean for you? It means you your cpu does not get bogged down drawing your desktop.
  • Because Vista has racheted down permissions so much programers can not abuse the OS like they did in XP.  (The programers may not like this, but it is much better for the user in the end)
  • User profiles are in C:Users, this make so much more sense then in XP where user profiles are burried in the “Documents and Settings” folder about time Microsoft started using folder names that make sense.
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