Recommended programs

 Crap Cleaner

Cleans up your computer, removing unnecessary files and personal information.  Allows you to securely delete this information so it can not be recovered (not the default setting).


File Hippo 

A great place to download free, and shareware apps.  They also have a wonderful program that checks your system for programs that need to be updated.  Unlike most places they are very selective about the programs they post.



While I would not call it more secure than Internet Explorer, I would call if more customizable.  Lets face it the web-browser is one of the most used applications on our computers, and why not browse the internet the way YOU want to?



All of their stuff is pretty good, and their tech support is even better.


Open Office 

Not as good as Microsoft Office, but it is free and still very good. 



An instant messaging client that support many, many, protocols.   AIM, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, Jabber, Google talk, IRC, and the list goes on


Spybot Search & Destroy 

Spyware removal program 



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