Windows defender

I have been using the beta 1 of Microsoft’s attempt at spyware protection.  So when I read the beta 2 was out I immediately went to their site to download it.  Right after I installed the program I thought what a piece of junk, it does not even run.  But I was wrong when I looked a little bit deeper I found it was running but extremely silently.
            I ran the full system scan, and all I can say is amazing!  I was able to do my other work without noticing any system lag.  I have never seen a scan run this silently.  I still am not sure about the protection that it provides; the beta 1 was able to stop almost all spyware but would ask the user if they really wanted to do stuff a lot.  This version has not asked me once.  This makes it easier on the user but it may also result in less protection.
All in all I am not sure what to make of it, I would recommend everyone with a compatible windows system download, but I have not had enough time to determine the level of protection it actually provides.

Download Windows Defender (beta 2) here.



 UPDATE:  It seems to be doing a good job of stopping spyware, buy ocassional does not run the automatic scan….wierd!

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