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Cheating Linq

A couple days ago I had a fun idea running through my head. What if one could take the standard linq function Concat() and have it “consume” its own output as the input which created the output, a paradoxical call if you will.

This can be represented with the following F# like pseudo-code:

Let y be 1…100

Let x be y.Concat(x)

Airborne Mouse

Ip address of your computer as shown by the Touch Mouse Server

Airborne Mouse is an Android application designed to work with the Logitech Touch Mouse Server. Letting you control your computer with your Android phone. Airborne Mouse is unique in that it allows users to install a single piece of software on their computer and control it with either an iPhone/iTouch/iPad or an Android phone.

NotNull sounded good, but was not

A couple weeks back I published Jmaxxz.Deet, a software library which brought reference types to the C# language which were guaranteed never to be null. While I maintain that null references are an indication of poor design and should be avoided at all cost, I am forced to admit that Jmaxxz.Deet is not the answer. Over the course of […]