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Jmaxxz.Deet 98.9% null proof

I am happy to introduce Jmaxxz Deet.  The Deet assembly contains a single struct, NotNull. This struct provides a mechanism to formally specify that a reference can NEVER be null. This ability is present in both Spec# and Sing#. However, for those of us still making use of VB, C#, F# and other traditional .Net languages still do not have a mechanism to do so. NotNull brings this capability to all of those languages.


Null is Evil

Null references have been a part of programing forever, but I dispute the validity of a high level language having Nullable Reference types as the norm.  Consider the following examples showing how null references often show up in the real world (right before they crash your application).

Tech Predictions for 2011

Well, a new year is here and I figured it would be fun to write down what I think is going to happen over the course of the next year in the tech industry. At the end of the year we will all be able to see exactly how wrong or right I was.