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Recently in working on my senior design project I needed a gps library to talk to any NMEA gps. To do this I wanted to use SharpGPS, found at However, because this library required the use of a windows form in order to get updates from the gps I was unable to use the […]

#region How to get past those pesky code reviewers.

I am sure we have all worked with someone at one point or another who takes their job way too seriously. You’ve just written up the most awesomest code ever, but you need to get it through a code review. Unfortunately the guy who does code reviews likes object oriented programing (what a sell out). You know if you hand it to him your code as it is now he will just tell you to rewrite it all and use more classes, more methods, comments on your methods, and better code structure. So how do you get him to give you the thumbs up to check in your code?