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Accessing your gmail securely

Screenshot of link used to access the settings page

There is one setting everyone using gmail should make sure that they set. This setting will allow them to access their email over unsecured wireless networks without worrying about prying eyes reading their personal mail. It also allows you to access your email at work or school without worrying about IT reading your personal mail. The following is a quick guide to securing the way you access your gmail account.

Java 1.6u13 Arrives

Java 1.6u13 just released and is available for download here.

What OS is Right For You?

What OS should you get on your next computer? Here is my recommendations.

A Little Piece of History

The following is a copy of a letter sent from one of my ancestors (Nikolaus Frett) on August 30th, 1841 after arriving in America from the Eifel Region in Germany. The letter was addressed to “the merchant Marhoffer” of Virneburg.


A copy of this letter in German can be found in the book,  “Wir verlangen nicht mehr nach Deutschland” (We no longer yearn for Germany), which gets its name from a line in the letter written by Nikolaus Frett. 

rentrer en Allemagne). return to Germany)


Why Microsoft will not be bouncing back

I believe with Windows 7 Microsoft has made several fatal mistake. The summation of these mistakes has made a me, a die hard Microsoft fan-boy begin to switch my allegiances.

Mistakes by Microsoft:


I would just like to take a moment to plug my favorite internet radio site, Pandora. I love Pandora, it lets you build a radio station to your personal tastes and preferences. If you have not used it before you should seriously check it out!

Calling All Countries

It only been a couple years that we have had cell phones and very low long distance rates. However recently I have had to make a lot of calls oversees and I have to say the pricing on my cell phone policy for calls to cell phones in Europe is ridiculous! It does not make […]

More work done on iFade

iFade logo

I updated iFade adding a system tray icon that allows users to exit iFade more easily. See iFade article for more information on iFade.