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My Setup

Here is a description of my computer setup.


iFade is a little program I made that fades Vista’s Aero coloring from one color to another. iFade is great for people who like to keep things fresh on their desktop. It does use a little bit of the cpu, however in a later version I will let user set slower transition speed. Click here […]

Java 1.6u11 Arrives

Java 1.6u11 was released today. No security fixes are expected, mostly fixes for things that were broken by 1.6u10. However it seems that sun has pulled the link to the download from their main download page. Here is a direct link to the u11 download page.

WIFI Autoconfiguration CD

 Ever wish you had an easy way to pass along the configuration for your wireless network to a new computer? How about a CD that when you put it in the drive of the new computer it automatically does it all for you?

Well that is exactly what I have created using simple Windows batch scripts!