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Windows 7, mid-late 2009

It has been announced that the next version of Windows, Windows 7, will be released some time between June 2009 and January 2010.   What will be different? Not too much, for the most part it will be like Vista, a bit more refined, but not all that different.

Jasager on the FON

The folks over at Hak .5 have created a wonderful, somewhat comedic video about how to install karma (Jasager) on the FON.

Adding an Extra Antenna to the FON


After cracking open my FON I noticed it had solder points for a second antenna.  I happed to have a bricked wireless router (a netgear mr814) laying around, so I decided to remove its antenna and place it on the FON.


The results were excellent, the range of the FON increased by 400% to 500% by my very unscientific measurements.


The dawn of a new word

Hackicious: Originates from the words hack  and delicious. Used to refer to a delicious(delightful) hack.

Hacking the FON

My Setup

I just ordered a FON router and on its arrival I shall be unlocking it and installing


openwrt on it.  This will allow me to install a ton a fun packages to it.  Including one that I am really excited about, JasagerJasager will allow cause the router to respond to all computers who are sending out probes looking for an AP they have connected to in the past.  It will respond with a ‘Yes that is me’.   What does this mean? Well it means I will be able to do some penetration testing, by getting computers to connect to my AP thinking it is a network they have connect to in the past.