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Palin’s yahoo account compromised…and surprise surprise guess who did it

The big tech news of last week was Sarah Palin’s yahoo email account being compromised.  The attacker used a vulnerability in online authentication systems, the  “I forgot my password” feature. He answered the security questions about Palin like her birth date, maiden name, where she met her husband, etc… While the FBI has not pin […]

Amazon MP3 Store

Having resisted the movement of buying music online (via song downloads) for several years, today I finally broke down bought a couple songs.  I have to say I was very impressed.

Google’s Chrome Is Rusty

After playing with Google’s new web browser (chrome) I have found have several issues:


Google’s Browser

All the buzz is Google’s new Chrome browser, I tried it and I have to say it is pretty solid.  Simple would be the word that describes it best, not many bells or whistles just a simple browser with fast javascript engine. Probably the biggest feature that software developers should take notice of is each […]