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Cool Car

Check out this this electric car:   The thing actualy looks pretty cool. Imagine that an electric car that is cool, isn’t that suppose to be an oxymoron?

Vista not bad?

Ever since Vista has come out people have been ranting about how terrible it is and how they just want their beloved XP back.  I have been using Vista since the day of its release on a my main computer which is slightly underpowered for Vista.  Let me tell you that Vista is far from the evil OS that some people are making it out to be.  Rather I have found it to be far more stable then XP with a much better overall user friendliness and design.  I am not going to try to hide the fact that it is a little slower, but not really by much.


200+ users online?

As some of you may have noticed the number of users online has skyrocketed, unfortunately this is not really the case.  Rather the user count could be better said to describe how many visitors I have had over the last three or so days.

What is Wrong With Java’s Memory Management

While Java and the JVM do have a lot going for them their pressure driven memory management system needs some work.  The problem stems from the fact that it is “Pressure Driven” so the garbage collector only runs when memory pressure gets high enough.  However that is not system memory, no that is Java Heap […]

Windows 7 No Registry?

The rumors have been flying for sometime that Windows 7 may eliminate the registry.  Is it true? I don’t know but if it is true it would be a good thing.  The registry may have had a place back in the day, but now a days the registry is nothing more than an overgrown welt […]

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Jmaxxz Icon Set

I always enjoy trying my hand at the creation of icons, so I have decided to work on and release a free icon set! I know you will find prettier ones, but this one will be 100% free to use in corporate or personal settings.  With the limitation that you can not resell the icons. […]