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Ostrich Based Security

Security, it is one of those hot button issues. Lots of companies like to pretend they are security conscious. One particularly troubling trend is the suppression of vulnerabilities which are discovered during development. It is a nice story for a company to be able to go to be able to say to potential users, “We have no known vulnerabilities.” This statement is actually meaningless:

Critical Security Vulnerablity in Firefox

Recently while doing some developing a proof of concept to exploit a weak authentication system on a wireless network I found the following major security vulnerability in Firefox. Situation: User is at a http page with a loggin form which has a https post back address (like facebook). In this case though the certificate on […]

Accessing your gmail securely

Screenshot of link used to access the settings page

There is one setting everyone using gmail should make sure that they set. This setting will allow them to access their email over unsecured wireless networks without worrying about prying eyes reading their personal mail. It also allows you to access your email at work or school without worrying about IT reading your personal mail. The following is a quick guide to securing the way you access your gmail account.