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Microsoft MVC’s Doggy Door

TLDR: Microsoft MVC has a ‘secret’ backdoor which is not very useful for developers or hackers. Recently I was poking around in the Microsoft MVC codebase trying to figure out how to make my own bundler. While there I came across the following rather peculiar looking code:

AP does not understand what youtube is

The AP sent a station a letter telling them to pull all the embedded youtube video’s from their pages. These youtube videos came from the AP’s youtube channel, and were embedded with embed codes provided by the AP via youtube! So in honor of this very flawed judgement in sending out the letter I am embedding an AP video in this story.

Wolverine FOUND!

Wolverine has been found teaching at MSOE

The other day I found the real Wolverine! He seems to have retired from being an X-man and is now teaching philosophy at a engineering school.


A Little Piece of History

The following is a copy of a letter sent from one of my ancestors (Nikolaus Frett) on August 30th, 1841 after arriving in America from the Eifel Region in Germany. The letter was addressed to “the merchant Marhoffer” of Virneburg.


A copy of this letter in German can be found in the book,  “Wir verlangen nicht mehr nach Deutschland” (We no longer yearn for Germany), which gets its name from a line in the letter written by Nikolaus Frett. 

rentrer en Allemagne). return to Germany)


Calling All Countries

It only been a couple years that we have had cell phones and very low long distance rates. However recently I have had to make a lot of calls oversees and I have to say the pricing on my cell phone policy for calls to cell phones in Europe is ridiculous! It does not make […]


I would just like to take a moment to plug my favorite internet radio site, Pandora. I love Pandora, it lets you build a radio station to your personal tastes and preferences. If you have not used it before you should seriously check it out!

Cool Car

Check out this this electric car:   The thing actualy looks pretty cool. Imagine that an electric car that is cool, isn’t that suppose to be an oxymoron?