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The dawn of a new word

Hackicious: Originates from the words hack  and delicious. Used to refer to a delicious(delightful) hack.

Hacking the FON

My Setup

I just ordered a FON router and on its arrival I shall be unlocking it and installing


openwrt on it.  This will allow me to install a ton a fun packages to it.  Including one that I am really excited about, JasagerJasager will allow cause the router to respond to all computers who are sending out probes looking for an AP they have connected to in the past.  It will respond with a ‘Yes that is me’.   What does this mean? Well it means I will be able to do some penetration testing, by getting computers to connect to my AP thinking it is a network they have connect to in the past.

Palin’s yahoo account compromised…and surprise surprise guess who did it

The big tech news of last week was Sarah Palin’s yahoo email account being compromised.  The attacker used a vulnerability in online authentication systems, the  “I forgot my password” feature. He answered the security questions about Palin like her birth date, maiden name, where she met her husband, etc… While the FBI has not pin […]

Amazon MP3 Store

Having resisted the movement of buying music online (via song downloads) for several years, today I finally broke down bought a couple songs.  I have to say I was very impressed.

Google’s Chrome Is Rusty

After playing with Google’s new web browser (chrome) I have found have several issues:


Google’s Browser

All the buzz is Google’s new Chrome browser, I tried it and I have to say it is pretty solid.  Simple would be the word that describes it best, not many bells or whistles just a simple browser with fast javascript engine. Probably the biggest feature that software developers should take notice of is each […]

Samsung SCH-u520 BitPIM

{jcomments off}I recently purchased a Samsung SCH-u520 (US Cellular) and I am currently working to reverse engineer it for use with BitPIM  I will post my findings on this page. (using the file viewer to modify content on the phone, and hopefully developing offical BitPIM support eventually)


WARNING: All activities described in this article may result in permanent damage to your phone.  No guarantee or warranty will be offered from (and prolly not from Samsung).


Reverse engineering always carries a certain risk proceed with caution if you attempt anything described in this article.


Vista not bad?

Ever since Vista has come out people have been ranting about how terrible it is and how they just want their beloved XP back.  I have been using Vista since the day of its release on a my main computer which is slightly underpowered for Vista.  Let me tell you that Vista is far from the evil OS that some people are making it out to be.  Rather I have found it to be far more stable then XP with a much better overall user friendliness and design.  I am not going to try to hide the fact that it is a little slower, but not really by much.


What is Wrong With Java’s Memory Management

While Java and the JVM do have a lot going for them their pressure driven memory management system needs some work.  The problem stems from the fact that it is “Pressure Driven” so the garbage collector only runs when memory pressure gets high enough.  However that is not system memory, no that is Java Heap […]

Windows 7 No Registry?

The rumors have been flying for sometime that Windows 7 may eliminate the registry.  Is it true? I don’t know but if it is true it would be a good thing.  The registry may have had a place back in the day, but now a days the registry is nothing more than an overgrown welt […]