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More work done on iFade

iFade logo

I updated iFade adding a system tray icon that allows users to exit iFade more easily. See iFade article for more information on iFade.


Windows 7 Thoughts

After downloading the Windows 7 Beta I tried to upgrade my current Vista install to Windows 7.  Unlike all the other reviews I read I was not that impressed. 

The Death of an Era

Like many others I am starting to see the signs of the time, the computer as we know it is dead.

My Setup

Here is a description of my computer setup.

Java 1.6u11 Arrives

Java 1.6u11 was released today. No security fixes are expected, mostly fixes for things that were broken by 1.6u10. However it seems that sun has pulled the link to the download from their main download page. Here is a direct link to the u11 download page.

What Windows 7 Needs

In order to help mitigate the number of times users see the UAC dialog, and isolate users from each other Microsoft should look to move in a new direction with windows 7.  Instead of defaulting to a system wide install process Microsoft should make the default install model for a program at a user level. Using the visualization model built into Vista this could be done with relative ease.

New Software coming soon

Today I whipped together a program that I think many will find useful. After I refine it a bit I will post it on this site.  Hint: It has to do with Vista and Aero

Windows 7, mid-late 2009

It has been announced that the next version of Windows, Windows 7, will be released some time between June 2009 and January 2010.   What will be different? Not too much, for the most part it will be like Vista, a bit more refined, but not all that different.

Jasager on the FON

The folks over at Hak .5 have created a wonderful, somewhat comedic video about how to install karma (Jasager) on the FON.

Adding an Extra Antenna to the FON


After cracking open my FON I noticed it had solder points for a second antenna.  I happed to have a bricked wireless router (a netgear mr814) laying around, so I decided to remove its antenna and place it on the FON.


The results were excellent, the range of the FON increased by 400% to 500% by my very unscientific measurements.