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Tech Predictions for 2011

Well, a new year is here and I figured it would be fun to write down what I think is going to happen over the course of the next year in the tech industry. At the end of the year we will all be able to see exactly how wrong or right I was.


Woot new digg

Got this email today:

Good news! You’re in! Thousands of Digg users responded to our call for alpha testers, but you are among the few chosen at an early stage to check out what our team has been working on.


Jmaxxz Vulgar Word Blocker now Supports Chrome

Today I went to port the Jmaxxz Vulgar Word Blocker over into a Chrome userscript, and I was met by the pleasant surprise that it worked without any changes on my part.  This is thanks to Google’s efforts in include Greasemonkey support into Chrome. Actually it goes a step further than that, I have found […]

Western Digital Update

I have to give Wester Digital a lot of credit for how they responded when I told them my old 500GB external hard drive (which I am pretty sure was out of warrenty) died. Within 24hrs of me telling them its serial number and where I lived a new 750GB hard drive showed up in […]

Why I will never buy another Western Digital hard disk

Over the past several years I have purchased 3 Western Digital hard drives, and I was looking to by another one in the next couple months, because Western Digital was the only name I trusted to keep my data safe. But alas that trust has been broken, and never again will buy a Western Digital drive.

Delayed XML Formatting

Traditionally when users create XML content they apply some type of formatting to that content using tabs and new lines in order to make it more readable. Creating XML files with formatting built in is actually a very bad idea.

Windows 7

Yesterday I installed windows 7 RC1 on my main computer. The following is a short list of somethings I liked and somethings I didn’t.


Java 1.6u13 Arrives

Java 1.6u13 just released and is available for download here.

What OS is Right For You?

What OS should you get on your next computer? Here is my recommendations.

Why Microsoft will not be bouncing back

I believe with Windows 7 Microsoft has made several fatal mistake. The summation of these mistakes has made a me, a die hard Microsoft fan-boy begin to switch my allegiances.

Mistakes by Microsoft: