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Airborne Mouse

Ip address of your computer as shown by the Touch Mouse Server

Airborne Mouse is an Android application designed to work with the Logitech Touch Mouse Server. Letting you control your computer with your Android phone. Airborne Mouse is unique in that it allows users to install a single piece of software on their computer and control it with either an iPhone/iTouch/iPad or an Android phone.


When using Windows Vista, or Windows 7 I often find myself at the command line trying to run a command and then being told I do not have the permissions needed.  This is rather annoying, as then I have to open a new command prompt with admin privileges and navigate back to the directory where I was before.  I found myself wishing I could just have a easy to use sudo like command in windows.  Thus I wrote a program called RunAsAdmin back in 2007. Today I am happy to announce this program will be made public.


DrizzlyChrome, is my answer to everyone who wanted FlashHacker for Chrome.  As Chrome uses its own version of Flash FlashHacker ended up being able to deal with the rapid update rate of the Chrome Browser.  To deal with this DrizzlyChrome was created.




If you have used FlashHacker, or similar technique to force Flash to remain fullscreen while interacting with other windows on a separate monitor, you have likely ran into the annoying side effect of not being able to get to windows trapped under the flash video. FlashFlak runs in the background and prevents fullscreen Flash from always being the topmost window.



iFade is a little program I made that fades Vista’s Aero coloring from one color to another. iFade is great for people who like to keep things fresh on their desktop. It does use a little bit of the cpu, however in a later version I will let user set slower transition speed. Click here […]

Jmaxxz Icon Set

I always enjoy trying my hand at the creation of icons, so I have decided to work on and release a free icon set! I know you will find prettier ones, but this one will be 100% free to use in corporate or personal settings.  With the limitation that you can not resell the icons. […]

Prime Calculator

I made a rather basic program that calculates prime numbers that can be downloaded here: DOWNLOAD NOW  Or you could just download the first 40Million+ prime numbers generated with this program here: DOWNLOAD PRIMES

Jmaxxz Stopwatch

Stopwatch programs.  As if the world needed another one of them…Well I thought it did so I made my own.  It is available for download here.

[Obsolete]Yahoo Search Comparison Tool

Ever want a quick and easy way to compare the number of hits two searches generate using Yahoo? If so I wrote a Java program you may like: DOWNLOAD NOW   NO LONGER WORKS WITH LATEST VERSION OF YAHOO SEARCH  


Ever wished you could log when a specific computer/website was online or offline? IP-Watcher may be just what you need.