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200+ users online?

As some of you may have noticed the number of users online has skyrocketed, unfortunately this is not really the case.  Rather the user count could be better said to describe how many visitors I have had over the last three or so days.

Upgrade is currently being upgraded to a new content management system.  It may take some time before we are back to 100% functionality.   Sorry for any loss in functionality that you may experience while using this site during this time.   ~Jmaxxz   UPDATE: I think we are back up to 100% functionality, but […]

The Hackers Guide to the Credit Cards

In spite of what the title says this article is really for all ya’ll non-hacker out there.  What is my goal? It is simple I want to wake you up to the reality that you are not safe. I will keep all my points very brief and to the point, if you are looking for an interesting read go somewhere else. Wink

Recommended programs

A list of programs and program manufactures who I would recommended.

Dreamhost Savings

Dreamhost promo codes, found here!!! Save money on a new Dreamhost account by using one of my promo codes.

Samsung mp3 player playlist manager

While Samsung makes some excellent digital audio players I have found their playlist creation and management tools to be insufficient.

Towers of Hanoi

Recently I created a Java program to calculate solutions to the Towers of Hanoi puzzle I have posted the list of solutions for puzzles with 1-30 rings in play.

SPAD Screenshots

Main Window

Here are some screenshots of the SPAD:

Thank You for your Donations

Thank you for your donation! And Guess what? You have won: ——————————— A Huge THANK YOU

What is SPAD?

What is SPAD? SPAD is a free program designed to help you keep your computer running at its best by reminding you to run key maintance tools.