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August Lock Firmware Keys

David Wang, the guy who has done some absolutely amazing research on Apple’s secure enclave technology recently reached out to me on twitter, asking if August had stopped leaking the firmware keys for their locks. Unfortunately this is not a question I can answer in 140 characters. I will provide a more detailed writeup on […]


Sometime 140 characters is not enough to explain your point. Recently on twitter Troy Hunt [someone you should be following] said the following in response to my claim that mvc did not offer out of the box protection from CSRF. @jmaxxz classic ASP (which this article refers to) has no anti forgery token paradigm, […]

BDD Part 1 of N

Lets talk about software development. Recently I have worked to get a team I am part of using a new development methodology called BDD, or behavior driven development. If you develop software at all, and have not been living under a rock for the past 10 years you maybe wonder if BDD is anything like TDD. The answer is […]

Fibonacci Interview Question

Assessing someone’s technical skill level is a quite difficult thing when one only has 30 minutes.  Let me start by saying I am no expert at how to do this, but I would like to share my favorite interview question for assessing a developer’s experience the question is targeted for C# developers. However, most of it the […]

New Site

I finally decided to put my old site to rest (mostly because it was defaced thanks to yet another security hole in Joomla), please bare with me as I move all the content over.  I apologize in advance for any broken links.

FlashHacker may no longer be needed.

An Adobe Engineer is claiming the fullscreen on dual monitors problem is fixed in 10.2 and FlashHacker will no longer needed!!!! (I’ll believe it when I see it) That is it.   Source:  


If you are like me and have two or more monitors, then you have probably experienced this: When watching a fullscreen flash video on one screen you go to work on the other screen and flash immediately exits fullscreen mode.


Recently in working on my senior design project I needed a gps library to talk to any NMEA gps. To do this I wanted to use SharpGPS, found at However, because this library required the use of a windows form in order to get updates from the gps I was unable to use the […]

WIFI Autoconfiguration CD

 Ever wish you had an easy way to pass along the configuration for your wireless network to a new computer? How about a CD that when you put it in the drive of the new computer it automatically does it all for you?

Well that is exactly what I have created using simple Windows batch scripts!

Visualization Software

 Donate $5.00(US) and receive a download of our visualization software. Still thinking about this……not sure if I will end up selling it or not