Tech Predictions for 2011

Well, a new year is here and I figured it would be fun to write down what I think is going to happen over the course of the next year in the tech industry. At the end of the year we will all be able to see exactly how wrong or right I was.



When using Windows Vista, or Windows 7 I often find myself at the command line trying to run a command and then being told I do not have the permissions needed.  This is rather annoying, as then I have to open a new command prompt with admin privileges and navigate back to the directory where I was before.  I found myself wishing I could just have a easy to use sudo like command in windows.  Thus I wrote a program called RunAsAdmin back in 2007. Today I am happy to announce this program will be made public.


DrizzlyChrome, is my answer to everyone who wanted FlashHacker for Chrome.  As Chrome uses its own version of Flash FlashHacker ended up being able to deal with the rapid update rate of the Chrome Browser.  To deal with this DrizzlyChrome was created.


FlashHacker may no longer be needed.

An Adobe Engineer is claiming the fullscreen on dual monitors problem is fixed in 10.2 and FlashHacker will no longer needed!!!! (I’ll believe it when I see it) That is it.   Source:  

Woot new digg

Got this email today:

Good news! You’re in! Thousands of Digg users responded to our call for alpha testers, but you are among the few chosen at an early stage to check out what our team has been working on.




If you have used FlashHacker, or similar technique to force Flash to remain fullscreen while interacting with other windows on a separate monitor, you have likely ran into the annoying side effect of not being able to get to windows trapped under the flash video. FlashFlak runs in the background and prevents fullscreen Flash from always being the topmost window.


Jmaxxz Vulgar Word Blocker now Supports Chrome

Today I went to port the Jmaxxz Vulgar Word Blocker over into a Chrome userscript, and I was met by the pleasant surprise that it worked without any changes on my part.  This is thanks to Google’s efforts in include Greasemonkey support into Chrome. Actually it goes a step further than that, I have found […]


If you are like me and have two or more monitors, then you have probably experienced this: When watching a fullscreen flash video on one screen you go to work on the other screen and flash immediately exits fullscreen mode.


Recently in working on my senior design project I needed a gps library to talk to any NMEA gps. To do this I wanted to use SharpGPS, found at However, because this library required the use of a windows form in order to get updates from the gps I was unable to use the […]

#region How to get past those pesky code reviewers.

I am sure we have all worked with someone at one point or another who takes their job way too seriously. You’ve just written up the most awesomest code ever, but you need to get it through a code review. Unfortunately the guy who does code reviews likes object oriented programing (what a sell out). You know if you hand it to him your code as it is now he will just tell you to rewrite it all and use more classes, more methods, comments on your methods, and better code structure. So how do you get him to give you the thumbs up to check in your code?